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Cannabis Advocates Will Learn What Congress Will Do with Marijuana Very Soon

Cannabis advocates might learn sooner than later how the Congress is going to handle marijuana laws in the country. A part of the legislation was submitted last week, which was designed to legalize the use of marijuana nationwide. This document proves just how serious the Congress is in ending the cannabis prohibition once and for all.

Many experts believe that the 116th Congress will be the first to take action on legal weed. Industry leaders have also said that legal pot has become a bi-partisan issue and that lawmakers are very interested in eliminating the federal control over marijuana.

The 420 Bill

Earl Blumenauer, a representative of Oregon and one of the founders of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, introduced the 420 Bill in the press last week. This measure aims to eliminate cannabis from the list of Controlled Substances and to allow the plant to be a legal product of the American commerce. It’s such a good bill and a representation of where the cannabis legalization is heading.

Although the cannabis industry has been working for several years to disassociate from the cannabis stereotypes, the industry continues to see the 420 Bill as some kind of a new religion.

Cannabis Reform in 2019

There are those who believe that 2019 will be the year that the cannabis reform will have a place in the halls of Congress. Aside from the fact that the Democrats have gained control of the House of Representatives ones again, the partial overthrow of the Republican domination has triggered the largest support of cannabis ever in history. This should mean an immense success in the House in 2019 in terms of approving legislation similar to the 420 Bill of Blumenauer.

State’s Rights and Medical Marijuana

Almost all of the support for cannabis in the House came in the form of medical marijuana and state’s rights. A lot of the lawmakers believe that each state must have the freedom to do what they want to with weed without any pressure from the federal government.

Of course, there are also others who believe that it’s about time to give sick people access to medical cannabis and help them live comfortably and healthily. Yet, it would be wrong to suggest that most of those who belong to the lower chamber have agreed to legalize weed all over the country for adults who are 21 years old and above.

There’s said to be a team of cannabis lobbyists in Washington DC right now that are doing their best to persuade lawmakers into getting behind the bill. Yet, the outcome will be up to the Congress. This is going to be the year that cannabis advocates will know just how many of the Democrats are really supporting the pot reform. They are soon going to find out if the issue will be met with a wider acceptance or not. In the months to follow, the true colors will be revealed in Congress.

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