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Can You Use Cannabis to Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms?

If you’re feeling unusual sensations on your legs, such as prickling, crawling or aching, whenever you lie down or sit still, then you’re probably suffering from RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome. This condition is actually common among pregnant women and about 10% of the American population is suffering from it.

Although RLS does not have any serious implications, the worst part of this condition is the uncomfortable sensation that you need to endure when it attacks. Thankfully, there are different treatments available to treat RLS and one of them is cannabis.

Using Cannabis in Relieving the Symptoms of RLS

Recently, there have been several alternative methods introduced for the treatment of RLS and one of these is cannabis. Before, the only way to treat the symptoms of the Restless Leg Syndrome was with over the counter drugs, warm baths, massages, as well as a hot and cold compress. There are also specific exercises that could help treat the symptoms of RLS.

In one study regarding the use of cannabis for RLS, six patients were asked to take medical CBD. 5 of the 6 patients reported that their symptoms had disappeared entirely right after they took CBD. All participants also reported a great improvement in their sleep at the end of the treatment.

Researchers have mentioned that the CBD’s ability to treat RLS may have something to do with its ability to relieve pain and induce sleep. Furthermore, they suggest that cannabis could possibly help in both sleep apnea and RLS, which involves sleeping troubles. However, the team admitted that more research in this field is needed.

Cannabis Strains to Treat RLS

Although further research is needed to verify the claims that cannabis may help with RLS, it’s worth giving a try for those who are suffering from this condition. Cannabis strains with sedating and pain-relieving abilities are highly recommended for the treatment of RLS. It’s also possible to make these strains into topical ointments or edibles. You are free to experiment with the different methods to determine what works best for you.

Recommended Strains for the Treatment of RLS

Here are some of the most recommended cannabis strains to treat the symptoms of RLS:

  1. Afghan Kush – Also called the “Afghan OG”, this indica cannabis strain has 21% of THC and 6% CBD. This strain offers calming effects in the body while relaxing the muscles, which is why it’s great for RLS.
  2. Granddaddy Purple – This is an indica dominant cannabis strain that’s commonly called the “knockout”, which is why it’s not suitable for daytime use. When taken before sleep, you’ll find it difficult to stay awake. So if you find yourself suffering from RLS and can’t get a good night sleep because of this, the Granddaddy is what you need.
  3. Holy Ghost – This is a hybrid cannabis strain that contains 50% sativa and 50% indica. Having a 28% THC content, be prepared to lift off when taking this strain for your RLS. It gives you a focused high and will make you feel fully energized.

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