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Can You Increase Sperm Count by Using Cannabis?

Smoking cannabis has unexpectedly been linked to better fertility among men. This came as a big surprise to some groups of scientists who were measuring sperm count from more than 600 men who went to a fertility clinic.

At first, they thought that cannabis consumption had nothing to do with sperm count and fertility. But these participants proved otherwise. The group of men, who admitted to taking the drug, turned out to have higher sperm counts compared to the non-cannabis users. However, the authors were quick to point out that the findings don’t really mean that smoking cannabis could increase men’s chances of conceiving.

The Study that Links Cannabis Use to Fertility

The study was done by a group of researchers from Harvard. During the study, they collected around 1,143 sperm samples from more than 600 men who received fertility treatment at a clinic. On average, the men who were part of the study were around 36 years old. They were mostly white and had graduated college. All of them sought treatment to the clinic for conception.

It was found that those who were smoking weed had a concentration of 62.7 million sperm for every milliliter. On the other hand, those who were non-smokers only showed a concentration of 45.4 million per milliliter. The participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire that detailed their history of cannabis use.

In addition, while 5% of the men who smoked weed had a sperm count below the normal threshold, 12% of those that didn’t smoke weed fell under this category. Thus, smokers are less likely to score below the minimum threshold in terms of sperm concentration and motility.

The Reproductive Health Effects of Marijuana

According to the lead researcher, the study is proof of just how little we know about the effects of marijuana on reproductive health or the effects of marijuana in general. He further added that the results of this study have to be interpreted with caution. Furthermore, the researcher highlighted the need to further the study on marijuana’s effects on health. Previous researches that involved the use of animals or men who had a history of drug abuse have also suggested that cannabis may possibly impair reproductive health among males.

Analysis of the Results

It’s clear that the study suggests that cannabis consumption may improve fertility among men. This might be true since cannabis has long been associated with lots of health benefits and it’s highly possible that there’s some mechanism in weed consumption that could possibly increase the sperm count among men. In addition, there have been researchers showing that the endocannabinoids play an important role in spermatogenesis, which suggests that the phytocannabinoids could potentially have a huge impact on this biological function.

Overall, it is not yet clear how cannabis could affect the sperm count among men and improve fertility. However, this recent study seems to be promising. As such, men who are having a difficulty conceiving might consider using weed.

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