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Can We Grow Organic Cannabis Using Hydroponics?

Hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants without using any soil. With this method, the roots of the plants are placed in gravel, sand, water, coco peat etc. Nutrients are then applied directly into the roots through a solution.

One of the great things about cannabis is that it can manage to grow in varying conditions, which means that it’s a perfect candidate for hydroponics. The process of growing cannabis through hydroponics requires using a nutrient-rich water solution and some growing medium instead of the traditional way of growing them in nutrient-rich soil.

Why Grow Cannabis through Hydroponics

Some cannabis growers have long been using the hydroponic method in order to speed up the growth of the plant and maximize yields. Growing cannabis in soil indoors can be inefficient due to a number of reasons. For one, it’s highly susceptible to pests and it’s hard to figure out the right amount of nutrients to feed to the plants. Furthermore, you need to closely monitor the soil’s pH level, which can take a lot of hard work.

With hydroponics, you only need to use a small amount of media and this can be reused and recycled many times while also controlling the nutrients that the plants get to receive. Because of this, cannabis growers will be able to produce bigger and healthier buds.

Setting Up the Hydroponic System for Cannabis Cultivation

There are various ways to grow cannabis hydroponically, and although there are certain types of hydroponic setups that don’t need to use any growing medium, most of them still need to use some substrate in order to support the growth of roots. Different materials come with their own pros and cons so it’s important that you put some thought when it comes to choosing the proper medium to use when growing your cannabis.

The drip line hydroponics technique is the most common method that cannabis growers use when growing the plant. Although the system is built from the ground, it’s worth noting that there are also plug and play systems available if you need something that’s easy to set up. It already includes everything you need to start growing cannabis.

Potential Problems

Hydroponics is such a great option to grow cannabis, however, there are various factors that one must take into consideration when doing a switch from the traditional method to the hydroponics method. First is the additional maintenance that the method requires.

Another important thing to consider is the nutrients. There are certain types of nutrients that may be difficult for your plants to absorb. Some of them can even lead to buildup and blockages that could potentially damage the intricate plumbing system of your hydroponics. Aside from the microbes needed to break down the nutrients, some sediments and sticky substances could also potentially block the pumps and pipes.

But despite these issues, hydroponics is still one of the best and most efficient methods of growing cannabis indoors. Its benefits far outweigh its disadvantages.

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