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Can Secondhand Cannabis Smoke Hurt Your Pets?

So you’ve been smoking weed for a while even when your pets are around. But have you ever wondered what the smoke can do to your pets? Depending on the amount of smoke and the situation, your pet will not necessarily get high with cannabis smoke. But you should know that secondhand smoking, in general, is bad for both humans and pets. Read on to find out more about this.

THC Intoxication on Pets

Unlike humans, your pets won’t really understand what’s happening to them in the event that they inhale the smoke from the cannabis that you’re smoking. The experience can be frightening for them, especially for small pups.

Most pets have very sensitive olfactory systems, which is why they tend to get affected by their owner’s use of cannabis. As a matter of fact, dogs tend to have far more cannabinoid receptors than humans. Pets in general weigh less than us, which is why intoxication among pets is a common occurrence.

Most of the intoxication cases among pets are a result of their curiosity. Cannabis is something new to them. So when they find flowers or edibles sitting somewhere, they immediately grab them and end up ingesting them. When this happens, make sure to take your pet immediately to the vet and don’t hesitate to admit what really happened.

Second Hand Cannabis Smoking on Pets

Second-hand smoking is a problem for most pets, and so is the so-called third-hand smoking. The latter happens when the smoke penetrates into household surfaces, such as clothing and furniture. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are particularly sensitive to the third-hand smoke, which is why it’s a good idea to check with a vet regarding this. Vaporizers are usually an effective way to remove the presence of smoke, but the active ingredients of cannabis may still pose some risk to your pets.

When your pet ends up intoxicated as a result of the cannabis smoke or after accidentally ingesting cannabis, take it to the vet immediately. Place your pet in a welcoming environment to keep it safe and protected. Remember that these animals don’t really understand the feeling of getting high so they will feel anxious about it. The best thing that you can do is to comfort them.

Is CBD Safe on Pets?

CBD is a truly powerful substance, especially in the medical field. But CBD is not only useful on humans. Some pet owners have actually been using CBD to treat their beloved pets of certain illnesses, such as misbehavior and anxiety. However, there have not been enough studies on CBD’s ability to treat pets as of the moment. Yet, you will hear lots of pet owners claiming that the CBD has miraculously cured their pets of certain conditions.

In order to prevent your pets from getting sick or intoxicated when you use cannabis, try to smoke cannabis in a well-ventilated room far from your pets. Choose an area that your pets don’t frequent and smoke or vape your cannabis there.

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