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Can CBD Be Used to Relieve Toothache?

According to scientific studies, cannabis compounds contain anti-inflammatory and bone stimulating properties, which makes them an ideal treatment for tooth and gum diseases. There may not be enough research about the use of CBD for dental health as of yet but the current results are truly promising.

Those who have suffered from tooth decay will surely agree that a toothache is one of the worst kinds of pains in the world. The CBD components can help kick the pain away since it reacts with the endocannabinoid receptors that can help modulate the pain. This makes CBD a powerful tool in fighting any kind of pain, including the pain resulting from toothaches.

CBD and Dental Health

CBD is known to be potent against all forms of bacteria including those that have shown resistance to traditional antibiotic medicines. The cannabis components are also antiseptic, which means that it can help prevent harmful microorganisms from taking shelter in your mouth. As you know, bacteria are the number one reason behind tooth decay.

Research also shows that the CBD also helps minimize bone resorption in periodontal disease. However, in order for this treatment to be possible, the compound has to go deeper into the gums. As such, at the moment, this represents only a promise of a future use of cannabinoid in the treatment of periodontitis.

Using CBD for Dental Application

Applying the CBD component directly into the affected area of the gums and teeth is the fastest, most effective, and secure way of treating toothache. However, it should be noted that the different types of CBD products work differently when it comes to treating certain illnesses, including a toothache. Oral sprays and tinctures may be applied directly to the affected area using your finger. The product must be spread thoroughly into the gums or teeth. Another option is to take a CBD capsule or crush the cannabidiol pill and place the powder directly into the affected area. Teas made from the dried flowers of CBD can also be placed directly to the gums for treatment.

See Your Dentist

As mentioned, there’s not yet enough research regarding the use of CBD for dental care. This subject must first be studied more thoroughly before it can be officially recognized as an effective treatment for toothache and other dental related diseases.

Although CBD is safe to use as a treatment, it must be done under the supervision of a medical professional or a dentist. This is especially true if you’re using CBD as a painkiller. Even if you were able to successfully treat your dental problems with CBD at home, only your dentist can diagnose and solve your dental issues. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you see your dentist before you decide to use CBD to relieve a toothache or to treat other dental problems.

In the coming years, the CBD community is expecting good results from research conducted on CBD-infused fillings that can somehow help minimize pain and recovery time after a dental filling procedure.

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