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Can Cannabis Be Fertilized with Coconut Water?

In this article, we will explore the option of putting your cannabis on a vegan diet (coconut water) throughout its lifetime. Could this work?

What is Coconut Water?

Coconut water is the clear, naturally occurring liquid found inside a coconut. It’s very nutritious for humans as it is for plants. 96% of it is water, with nutrients forming the other 4% (magnesium, calcium, potassium, cytokinins, among others.)

How Coconut Water Benefits Cannabis?

  • Seedlings and Clones

Coconut water contains gibberellic acid, which is known to have benefits such as enhancing root development of seedlings and clones and increasing rates of seed germination. Cytokinins trigger the growth of the shoot and root by triggering cell division.

  • Cannabis Plants in Vegetative Growth

The cytokinins present in coconut water are an important stimulant for vegetative growth. You can have your own homemade fertilizer by simply diluting 15ml coconut water per liter. Experiments conducted by growers have shown that 15-50ml is the suitable range for use on mature cannabis plants.

  • Cannabis Plants Growing in Drought Conditions

In some adverse weather conditions (heat waves or extended periods of high temperatures), cannabis plants become quite thirsty and they require daily watering. The dilemma in this situation is the amount of fertilizer to be used for watering the plants.

The solution: coconut water. It has been chemically proven that just a light touch of coconut water is better than using chemical fertilizers and then flushing them out with water the next day. The coconut water might just save your plant during the drought.

  • Cannabis Plants with Deficiencies

The first step in treating a deficient plant during any time in its lifecycle is usually a flush of pure water. Coconut water has been shown to contain some of the nutrients that cannabis plants need.

Cannabis growers in all stages face a common problem in Cal/mag deficiencies leading to late flowering. Some plants require more micronutrients than others. A buildup in chemical fertilizers may lead to a lockout. This is a situation in which coconut water is vital. A flush of coconut water before harvesting adds to the flavor of the crop. It also contains some natural sugars which are essential for the growth of cannabis plants.

Is Coconut Water Worth Using?

Some people have gone as far as stating that coconut water is an extremely vital supplement in the growth of cannabis plants, due to its many applications. While we may not completely dispose of other fertilizers, coconut water is certainly a great idea.

In our opinion, the versatility of coconut water makes it a great addition to any cannabis grower’s garden. It cannot clog the system and it’s easily handled in terms of watering potted plants, or those planted on the ground. Make sure to buy the machete after the coconut. You don’t want to make a scene at the vegetable and fruit aisle at the supermarket.

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