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Biological Pest Control for Cannabis Plants

Biological pest control and prevention is a process that makes use of organic and natural methods in controlling the population and infestation of pests. The cannabis plants in your garden can greatly benefit from these techniques in various ways. One of them is bypassing the need to use synthetic pesticides that contain dangerous chemicals.

Synthetic vs. Biological Pest Control

Some cannabis growers would choose to use synthetic pesticides and fungicides to keep their garden free from pests. These pesticides might be really effective but they could cause harm to the environment and to the human health. The residue from these products might even get into your hash.

There are lots of organic and biological pest control methods that are really effective. These techniques will not only stop pests from causing damage to your weed but they can also contribute to the plants and soil’s overall condition.

Companion Planting

Companion planting is a method that requires cultivating beneficial plant species in close proximity to your cannabis plant. The companion plants work in various ways to keep your cannabis protected against pests and insects. There’s a long list of companion plants that you can choose to grow and most of them offer different functions and benefits.

Most of the companion plant species help to deter pests in the garden with their potent aromas. For instance, basil is known to repel mosquitoes, aphids, beetles, whiteflies, and moths. In the same way, the lemon balm’s pungent nature helps deter gnats and mosquitoes.

Beneficial Insects

Not all insects are bad for your cannabis plants. In fact, others can help protect your weed from the bad pests. These insects are like living pesticides that can benefit your garden instead of poisoning your plants.

One example of the beneficial insects are the ladybugs. These insects love to feast on small caterpillars, mites, and cochineal. Furthermore, they also feed on aphids, which is one of the most common destructive pests in your garden. The mites can also help fight pests in your garden. They feed on spider mites, including their eggs and larvae, and this can be a lifesaver for your cannabis plants.

Beneficial Microorganisms

Microorganisms are important to the overall health of your garden. These tiny life forms thrive in the soil and are responsible for the various biological processes happening in your garden. They can help break the organic matter down in order for your plants to easily absorb the nutrients.

For instance, the predatory nematodes are a valuable asset for your cannabis plants. These microorganisms will protect your soil and will immediately attack any pest they encounter. The predatory nematodes feed on plant-parasitic nematodes that will in turn feed on cannabis plants’ roots.


These are types of fungus that can serve as an organic pest control. These organisms will establish a beneficial relationship with the roots of your cannabis plants. Furthermore, they will help deliver nutrients to the plants in exchange for sugary exudates. They will create large networks of fungi that consist of small individual strands known as hyphae. Some fungi are said to use these strands to trap nematodes which helps reduce plant-parasitic nematodes in your garden.

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