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Automating a Cannabis Grow Operation

You can automate your cannabis grow operation whether you are running a large-scale or a small-scale plantation. Thanks to technology, there are several aspects of the production process that you can automate including water, temperature, humidity, nutrition, and lighting.

An automated gardening system is a growth environment that’s either fully or partially run by technology. This is important in the sense that it reduces the labor expenditure. You have to monitor and control several aspects of the growth process to make sure that your operation delivers quality yields.

Manually controlling the growth process takes a lot of time, especially if yours is a large-scale operation. However, there’s a lot you can benefit from if you were to automate it.

Small-Scale Automation

As a small-scale grower, you can introduce automation in things like lighting. While large-scale growers will do this to ease up on energy and time, full automation will help you spare time as a small-scale grower too.

Proper automation can help you replace virtually any element of manual work that’s needed in the growth process. If you’re just starting out, consider replacing systems one at a time and see which aspect of automation works well for you.

Environmental Suitability

Even as you try automation, remember that the demand and suitability will be greatly determined by the growth environment for your plants. Outdoor plants will require very little automation since they receive most of their requirements naturally. However, you can still automate things like irrigation to improve their condition, especially in a dry area.

Indoor plants, on the other hand, might benefit from automation because of the fact that they are grown in an environment that’s new and unnatural. Therefore, they would greatly benefit from technological intervention.

Using Timers

For automated growth, timers are common and very easy to set-up. You can use them to support different elements of indoor climate, so they will help you reduce the repetition of tasks, and overall labor required for the growth process.

Timers are particularly useful when it comes to lighting in the vegetative phase of growth. They help you make sure the plants receive sufficient light, even when you’re not present to physically take care of the plants.

Climate Control

Greenhouse and indoor plants need a lot of attention, especially regarding climate control. For the plants to be comfortable in their new environment, you have to closely monitor and regulate the temperature and humidity. You would need to have a hygrometer to make sure that all these factors are optimal for the growth of your plants.

Indoor environments are not always the same, and vary from time to time. You can use an ultrasonic mister to improve the humidity or a humidifier to manage the level of humidity in the room in case there’s excess humidity for the plants growth.

Automating Irrigation

Irrigation is one of the areas where you would definitely need full automation. It will also depend on the type of operation that you are running. The reason for this is because it’s very easy to complicate things with automated irrigation.

There are some plants that might need a limited amount of water and at different schedules than others. Therefore, automated irrigation would have to take this into consideration, especially when all these plants are grown in the same place.

Automated irrigation is, however, relevant in case you have one type of crop, and the watering needs are simple. Otherwise, watering your plants manually would be the best way to go.

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