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An In-Depth Twaxing Guide

Twaxing is now becoming the top trend in cannabis. In the most basic terms, twaxing refers to the act of topping a bowl or converting the roll-up into cannabis cocktail by adding a concentrate. This term is somewhat new to some users of cannabis but it has already gained traction worldwide.

Let’s take a closer look at the process of twaxing and why it has become the latest sensation when it comes to smoking cannabis.

How to Twax?

Twaxing comes in two general categories – you can tax a roll-up or twax a bowl. The choice will mainly depend on your individual preferences. However, in the US, the most common choices of cannabis concentrate when it comes to twaxing are kief and shatter. With these concentrates, a combined hit of extract and weed will be delivered.

In Europe, however, cannabis users will most likely add some other BHO derivatives, such as softer waxes and hash oil to the roll-up. It should be noted that the process of twaxing might not always be a pure cannabis experience.

Blunt twaxing may also bring tobacco to the mix. These roll-ups are deluxe sized and can be extremely powerful with a gooey concentrate. This is a good option for those who are considered “fire breathers.”

Add a Crown of Crystals

A convenient way to give things a boost is to crown a twaxy pipe hit with crystals. Chances are that if you’ve got a grinder that could crumble your bud, you will have some pollen accumulating at the bottom chamber. Simply scoop some of them out and place them above your pipe hit.

Interior Joint Twaxing

The heat coming from your fingers is already enough to sufficiently warm the shatter in order to manipulate it to a long spaghetti string. There are times when the less solid waxes are a bit too runny and adhesive to work with. The goal is to come up with a joint that has a concentrated center and is surrounded by weed. Be very careful not to smear the rolling papers with globs of concentrate or it could unevenly burn.

You must first get the bottom of the weed layer in place and add the extract into the green bedding. Then complete the sandwich by placing an additional layer of weed above. Roll and enjoy!

Exterior Joint Twaxing

Shatter wrap joint with the wax coil is really cool. Exterior twaxing doesn’t require the same finesse as that of carefully rolling the concentrate filling. However, if you end up doing it in the wrong way, it will still burn just like a canoe. Start by rolling a nice joint that’s packed with weed. Then, using your fingers, work on your string of shatter and make it as long as you want it to.

The final step, which is the most important, is to wrap the shatter in a spiral at the exterior of the joint. Try to resist giving your joint a racing stripe or two of the dankness. This joint will definitely burn like a canoe or sparkler.

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