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An In-Depth Guide on How to Add Flavor to Cannabis

One of the most common questions that cannabis growers have is how to add flavor to their weed. You must have heard about the different strains of cannabis that come with vanilla, chocolate, mint, and fruity flavor. The good news is that it’s definitely possible to infuse flavors into your cannabis right before harvest.

While the best flavor of cannabis can be achieved by means of a properly cured bud, the idea of flavoring some weed during cultivation is such a fun concept to try. So here’s how you can add flavor to your cannabis before, during, and after harvest.

Adding Flavor before Harvest

About 3 to 4 days before the harvest, stop watering the crops in order for the soil to dry out. But don’t let them become very dry or your plants will start to die. During harvest day, add mild essential oils to 20 liters of water. You can also use food grade extracts for this, depending on the flavor that you want to achieve. Gradually water your plants with the mixture and allow them to absorb the water for about 3 to 5 hours before you start harvesting.

Adding Flavor during Harvest

You can also choose to add flavor to your weed during harvest time. Simply pour the mixture of essential oil and water to a glass then soak the freshly cut weed in it. For as long as the leaves of the plants remain alive, they can absorb the solution and carry them towards the stems and into the calyxes of the flowers. Soak the cutting for about a week before taking it off the glass.

Adding Flavor after Harvest

It’s still possible to change the flavor of your cannabis even after you have already harvested it. Simply place the harvested weed into a jar. Soak cotton in essential oil and attach it into the lid of the jar. Leave the cotton to hang down on the lid but without touching the buds. Be mindful of condensation or other signs of moisture that could potentially cause the growth of mold and rot your plants.

It’s also possible to add the dried weed to the jar for flavor. This method minimizes the risk for mold. To give them flavor, you can add slices of apples, citrus peels, flower petals, or even spices such as cloves, cinnamon or rosemary. It’s also possible to use tea bags to give flavor to the dried cannabis. Simply empty out the tea bag and fill the loose-leaf materials into the jar with the dried leaves.

Remember that the aroma and flavor of your cannabis could fade easily, especially if you expose it in open air. So always keep the lids of the jar tightly sealed in order to preserve the flavor. But then again, be very mindful of moisture in order to prevent the growth of mold and cause the plants to rot. If possible, use a hydrometer to keep a close of watch over the jar’s moisture level.

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