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A Short Guide on How to Grow Cannabis with the 12-12 Lighting Method

12/12 is one of those methods that cannabis growers apply when it comes to growing their crops. If this is the first time you hear of this term, 12/12 simply means giving the seedling 12 hours of light each day and the same amount of time under the dark, from the moment the plant starts to germinate.

Providing 12/12 light scheduling initiates the plant’s flowering stage and triggers the development of buds. The idea behind this method is to get the new seedling to start producing flowers as fast as possible, so it requires less amount of time to harvest.

The 12-12 lighting method takes 7 to 9 weeks in general, which is shorter than the usual vegetation phase. For those who have limited space and are willing to experiment in growing their cannabis, there’s no harm in trying the 12-12 lighting method.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the 12-12 Method?

The traditional method of growing cannabis requires exposing the plant to an 18-6 light cycle. But if the light cycle will be changed to 12-12, it will send a message to the plant that seasons are already changing and that it’s already time for them to produce flowers. By forcing the 12-12 lighting to the plants, they will go directly into the flowering stage in order to reproduce. Basically, the method requires tricking the plant into thinking that the growing season is already about to end, and therefore, they have to produce flowers as soon as possible.

How Does It Work?

Growing in a 12-12 method is as easy as changing the timing of the plant’s light cycles by providing your plants with an equal amount of daytime and nighttime. All the attention that you give to the plants in normal growth will remain unchanged. For instance, checking the water quality and pH level is still necessary. You also need to adhere to the proper nutrient mixing, pest control, and growing medium conditions. All these still play an important role in the weight and dankness of the finished products.

Growing your plants with the 12-12 method would still require you to adhere to the normal maintenance routines. After the nutrients are diluted, the plants must still be treated well while still young. However, flushing more often is needed every ten days at most in order to prevent salt buildup.

What Are the Advantages of the 12-12 Method?

You might be wondering what benefits you can get from growing your cannabis plants through the 12-12 method. For one, the method is really fast, taking an average of 7 to 9 weeks. Next, the plants will be much easier to attend to for maintenance. And since they can grow even in small areas, this method is ideal for those with limited growing spaces. Finally, with this method, the lights will have full penetration to the floor. It’s easy to keep an eye on the wetness of the soil since lights will dry the medium faster than when it’s covered by a canopy.

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