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8 States That May Legalize Cannabis

Even though more and more countries are now starting to embrace cannabis legalization, there are still several states in the US that have not legalized its use yet. But this could change anytime soon.

Below is a list of the next 8 states that may legalize marijuana use.

  1. New York

Although the governor of New York is against the legalization of marijuana, he reversed his view last year. After he carefully laid the groundwork with the help of a study from the Health Dept., he found that the positive effects of legalization outweigh its negative effects. Because of this, he revealed that cannabis legalization is one of his top priorities for this year.

  1. New Jersey

In November of last year, both the Senate and Assembly of New Jersey approved the legalization bill of cannabis. However, the final approval was delayed because the legislative leaders and the governor argued over tax concerns. Recently, three more Senate Republicans have expressed their support for the legislation, a move that could possibly seal the deal.

  1. Illinois

Upon his election as a governor, Gov. Pritzker revealed during his inaugural address that he wanted to immediately legalize cannabis in the state. Given that the Democrats have full control of both the houses and governorship in the state, it won’t be surprising to see Illinois legalizing marijuana soon.

  1. Delaware

The bill that legalizes marijuana use won the majority during the House floor vote in Delaware last year, although it fell short of what they needed under the law of the state due to taxation concerns. This year, supporters of the marijuana reform are seeking to make the legalization happen, making Delaware one of the 8 states that may legalize marijuana soon.

  1. Connecticut

Gov. Lamont is a staunch supporter of marijuana legalization and he has, in fact, vowed to make it happen during his first 100 days in the office. Supported by a strong Democratic majority, he believes that the legalization will generate a lot of revenue for the state.

  1. Rhode Island

The state’s governor is a somewhat reluctant supporter of cannabis. However, she seems to be feeling the pressure of legalization given the looming legalization that’s going on in its neighboring states. Hopefully, this could trigger Rhode Island to become one of the 8 states that may legalize cannabis this year.

  1. New Mexico

New Mexico’s incoming governor supports the legalization of cannabis and has argued that it can possibly help boost the economy of the state. While it might be a tougher fight at the senate level, there is still a good chance that the legalization will push through very soon.

  1. Minnesota

It’s easy to see why Minnesota will be one of the 8 states that may legalize cannabis this year. The state’s incoming House speaker has admitted that the marijuana reform will be tackled in the chamber this year. While the Senate doesn’t seem to be interested in the issue, the senate majority leader admitted that he is very much willing to look into it.

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