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6 Cannabis Infused Beauty Products for a Self-Care Routine

With more states legalizing medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, cannabis and its use has become a lot more sophisticated. When different industries are working their way to make the most of cannabis, the beauty industry is not about to miss out as well.

With a number of benefits offered by cannabis, specifically cannabidiol (CBD) which is one of the many non-psychoactive components present in cannabis, it has found its way to beauty products. CBD is rich in antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a hit in the beauty world.

Here are some cannabis-infused beauty products that you must try.

1.    Vertly Hemp-Infused Lip Balm

Made with ingredients including virgin coconut oil, vitamin E and cannabidiol, the lip balm is ideal for people with dry lips. It gives your lips a natural hydration and keeps them soft and smooth all day long. It is available in rose and peppermint scents. The VertlyHemp-Infused Lip Balm sells for $22.

2.    Lord Jones CBD-Infused Lotion

Being a leader when it comes to cannabis infused chocolate and gummies, Lord Jones has recently delved into the cannabis infused beauty products with their CBD-Infused Lotion. The bottle of the lotion comes with a dispenser that dispenses 1ml of the lotion containing 2mg of CBD. This makes it easy to know how much cannabidiol you are getting. The CBD-Infused Lotion by Lord Jones sells at $50.

3.    Cordial Organics Reverence Bath Salts

There is nothing better than a luxurious Epsom salt bath after a particularly challenging workout or a typically long day. With these bath salts infused with cannabidiol, you get to experience amazing pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that are found in cannabis. The bath salts are available in the scents of lemon, rose and cardamom. You can buy Reverence Bath Salts in $18.

4.    Wildflower Cool Stick

If you have consistent back, joint or muscle pain, Wildflower Cool Stick is just the right product for you. it offers a quick relief from pains and is one of the most natural and effective anti-inflammatory topical you can buy today. It soothes any discomfort immediately making it ideal for ling lasting relief. It sells for

5.    Luce Farm Hemp Topical Balm

What makes Luce Farm products special is the fact that they grow, process, extract and test all their products themselves. The entire product line is also manufactured by them on their own. This adds confidence to the buyer as they are in charge of their entire supply chain. The Hemp Topical Balm is made using beeswax, organic cocoa and CBD and works great for any kind of skin pain or irritation. It can be bought at $40.

6.    Green Mountain CBD Salve

Whether there is a pimple, a bruise or an insect bite, a salve can come in handy. Hemp salve from Green Mountain has been making rounds in the cannabis infused beauty products market with its effectiveness. The salve combines coconut oil and CBD rich oil extracted from hemp. The salve can go to your skin directly and is one of the safest beauty products to be used. You can buy CBD Salve from Green Mountain in $30.

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