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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Extreme Q Vaporizer

A vaporizer is commonly known as a vape and is a device that a person uses to vaporize substances for inhaling, especially tobacco and cannabis. Vaporization of cannabis is gaining popularity with people who want to consume cannabis in a relaxed and discreet way.

Extreme Q vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer. It is an easy to use digital device which comes with a  temperature control display and a remote. You can adjust the fan speed and easily control the quality of your vapor.

Extreme Q vaporizer has a large bowl in which you can load a large amount of material for party sessions. This magical little device is perfect for party sessions with buddies using the balloon option. The whip choice is good when you want to enjoy large amounts of vapor that you cannot achieve by the use of a vape pen.

The parts of Extreme Q vaporizer are easy to clean and the manufacturer provides an enticing guarantee and warranty to their customers.

Vaporizing weed is healthier than traditional smoking methods. Research shows that long-term use of e-cigarette is harmful to your health.

Here are five factors for you to consider before you decide to buy an Extreme Q vaporizer.  A vaporizer should perfectly meet your needs as highlighted below.

  1. Price

You probably want to purchase a vaporizer that fits your budget. There are many vaporizers on the market. Each one of them sells vaporizers at different prices ranging from $50 to $500 depending on the designs. For starters, you can invest in low price vaporizers if you are not sure you want to stick with it.

But if you have decided to purchase something that you will stick with for a long while, then you can invest in an Extreme Q vaporizer. The price ranges from $160 to $239, depending on whether you get it from the Arizer store or their authorized dealers.

You should know that counterfeits exist for every product on the market, so you need to be on the lookout. Ensure you don’t go purchasing vape from stores that do not sell any branded products. Thus, ensure your safety by buying a branded product with high quality. This, of course, means buying at a higher price, but it shuns safety issues and guarantees your investment.

  1. Warranty

When a manufacturer gives a guarantee for his or her products, it means that it has minor to none functionality issues. Therefore, it is essential to buy a vaporizer that has a guarantee and the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers you when functionality issues arise.

Good news for you if you are thinking of buying an extreme Q vaporizer; it has a lifetime warranty for the heating elements and 3-years warranty for the workmanship or materials.

A good warranty gives you confidence in a product and ensures customer satisfaction. Thus, it allows you to vape cannabis to achieve its benefits. Research reveals that vaping medical marijuana can help fight pain as a result of various diseases, relax muscles, fight glaucoma, manage weight loss, etc.

  1. A whip or a bag

Extreme Q is a multipurpose vaporizer. You can either decide to use a whip or a bag. There are two methods you can use the whip, a fan forces air the same way you fill a balloon but instead use a whip, or you can use your lungs to draw the air (no fan assistance here).

Balloons are more convenient for a group and ensure each person gets a substantial amount of vapor. Balloons are better for those that want to consume large amounts of vapor. With an Extreme Q vaporizer, you get these two options to sort your needs.

  1. Temperature regulation

Having temperature regulators is vital for vaporizers to minimize the risk of combustion. Several vaporizers come with regulation features. For the Extreme Q vaporizer, it comes with a digital temperature display and a remote to help in controlling temperatures.

You can control the temperatures by merely pressing the buttons on the vaporizer. You can also use the remote that comes with it in the comfort of your chair. It is easy to adjust the temperatures with this vaporizer even down to a single degree.

Optimum temperature is critical to ensure that you achieve the best taste and the best experience your blend can offer. Digital vaporizers allow you to take control of your material; it is easy for you to adjust to suit your experience. If you want a digital vaporizer for this experience, then Extreme Q vaporizer is the go for you.

  1. Portability

You need to know that there are portable and desktop vaporizers. Portable vaporizers, dab pens, etc, are easy to carry around. Your needs determine the type of vaporizer fit for you. Portable vaporizers are cheaper than desktop, and one person can use it at a time. Thus not suitable for a social vaper who wants to vape with a group.

Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer thus suitable for those who need to vape indoors at the comfort of their homes. It is an excellent choice for beginners since they will not have to worry about the battery running out of power.

Extreme Q vaporizer is also the best choice if you want to enjoy it in the company of your friends. Being a desktop vaporizer, Extreme Q is better at controlling temperatures and therefore control the taste of your vapor.


An Extreme Q vaporizer is a multi-purpose desktop vaporizer. It is easy to control temperatures since it has inbuilt regulators that you can press the buttons or use a remote to adjust. It is easy to control the taste of your vapor and is the best for single person use or use by a group.

You can either choose to use a whip or a bag depending on your needs and style. Being a desktop vaporizer, it is best for use indoors, therefore not suitable for those that want something to carry around. You must evaluate your needs and do enough research before you settle for any vaporizer.

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