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4 Technologies and Apps for the Savvy Cannabis Business Owner

With the boom in the cannabis industry, the tech sector is full of helpful applications and software. From different apps to new technologies, the savvy cannabis business owners today have a lot they can get help with when it comes to their cannabusiness. With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana is different states, the direct and ancillary members of the cannabis supply chain have come to action and are doing all they can to help the industry grow.

Here are some of the best digital tools that can help cannabis business owners in their cannabis relationship.

1.    Eaze

Also known as the Uber of cannabis, Eaze is a San-Francisco based startup that helps in streamlining the delivery process of cannabis in California. The app allows the users to immediately set up through a video chat to a medical cannabis recommendation. The products they need is delivered to their doors in just about 20 minutes. There are over 2,50,000 patients registered on the app and it serves as an intermediary between consumers and dispensaries. Users trust Eaze because it vets all the dispensaries it works with before allowing them to be a part of its portal.

2.    Seedolab

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in some states, many people are cultivating their own plants of cannabis. This, however, is not an easy process. In fact, it can be a daunting task. To make sure that the experts or the amateurs do not mess up their cannabis crop, Seedolab offers a self-monitoring greenhouse. Seedolab comes with an app that allows the user to control all features such as mineral delivery, humidity, temperature and lighting when the cannabis is growing. With the live streaming option, the cannabis growers do not have to disrupt the environment every time they check the crop. All that needs to be done by the cannabis grower is to plant the seeds and keep a track of the through the app and open the box only when the crop is ready to be harvested.

3.    Massroots

Massroots offers the perfect one-stop-shop to all the cannabis consumers and professionals. The primary feature of the app is its social networking platform that has more than a million active users. The users connect with one another through this social networking platform in addition to accessing a database containing information about cannabis products and strains. They can be filtered based on their effects.

4.    Zazzz Vending Machine

If you are looking for the perfect cannabis vending machine, Zazzz Vending Machine is the best choice. It is ideal for dispensaries that sell cannabis. The vending machine not only provides cannabis but also scans government IDs. In addition, it also ensures age verification by scanning the facial features of the prospective buyer. The vending machine dispenses and keeps a track of the purchases. It also accepts Bitcoin. Zazzz Vending Machine allows the business owners to save their valuable time by letting the machine work on its own.

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