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4 Best Cannabis Strains to Help Reduce Obesity

Marijuana association with obesity goes hand in hand due to the munchies effect. It may be hard for individuals to associate the same with weight loss. Medical applications of cannabis indicate that it induces appetite helping individuals eat and gain weight for better health.

Even if this is the case with specific marijuana strains, other strains can help you lose weight. Studies indicate that strains high in THCV reduce an individual’s appetite levels. Tetrahydrocannabivarin is an appetite suppressant which aids in weight reduction. Besides, studies also suggest that cannabidiol can suppress appetite helping in weight loss.

Selecting the right cannabis strain to help fight weight and lose a pound, it is essential to make a list of the best CBD brands. Using the list, you can select strains that offer the best opportunity at losing weight. Some of these strains include:

  1. Durban Poison 

Weight gain is directly proportionate to sleep deprivation. People who have insomnia and other sleep-related disorders tend to gain weight rapidly. During the REM sleep stage, individuals tend to burn more fat and calories, which helps regulate weight gain and induce weight loss. Sleep deprivation does the opposite.

The Sativa dominant strain is one of the most effective agents of weight loss. With high levels of THC, this specific strain induces a calming and relaxing effect on an individual. Some cannabis strains not only help induce sleep but also enables you to relax through the afternoon. They enhance and retain your REM sleep stage, ensuring you wake refreshed and rejuvenated and above all, weightless with time.

However, if it does not put you to sleep, it lifts your energy levels. As a result, you can partake in different activities, such as a workout session. Your uplifted mood can help in developing new and creative ways to lose weight while working out. Besides, even after the busy routine you experience each day, you can explore the outdoors, and remain highly productive throughout the day.

  1. Harlequin 

Sometimes, all you need is adequate energy to keep you going through the workout. With an additional appetite suppressant, you can lose weight quickly. Therefore, your cannabis strain has to induce high energy levels to promote your workout and exercise routines.

Harlequin has a THC: CBD ration of 2:5. It provides you with essential energy levels you need for your regular workout session. Since the strain has many therapeutic effects, it helps you recover after an intensive exercise routine. It reduces inflammation and pain while providing essential terpenes that help you improve.

Also, if taken in large quantities; this specific strain is sedative in nature. It will put you to sleep comfortably, helping your body metabolize and burn fat much faster. However, it eliminates the energetic effects of the strain when taken in high doses. Therefore, make sure you get the right dosage for your desired purpose. For workout energy levels, take harlequin in low doses. On the other hand, if aiming for better sleep, take the harlequin in high doses.

  1. Blue Dream 

Looking towards an eventful day? Want to sustain your endurance levels during a workout without worrying about the possibility of falling asleep or having fatigue slow you down? Then the Blue dream cannabis strain is what you need.

Not only does Blue Dream give you energetic boosts that have your productivity at higher levels throughout the day, but it also induces activation of your cognitive capabilities. Besides, once done with your workout routines or daily activities, you can relax and rest your muscles in the euphoric effects of the strain. Let the strain’s healing properties take care of your fatigued muscles and help you metabolize more fats.

Using the strain helps keep your focus on the desired outcome, which is weight loss. It provides you with a chance to feel relief from injuries from regular exercise sessions and induces a luxurious effect from its euphoric effects.

  1. Black Beauty 

Looking for an appetite suppressant for your weight loss campaign? Well, you should start with the Black Beauty cannabis strain. Not only does it have beneficial effects in its treatment process, but it also helps curb individual appetite aiding weight loss.

The strain boasts of high THCV content with 2.5% overall cannabinoid content. It provides relief from pain. In addition, it promotes relaxation and has a calming effect, which allows your muscles to relax and regenerate. Besides, it supports metabolism during your workout session and rest.


Weight loss is a journey that requires commitment and stabilization. Using cannabis strain will not deliver the desired effects alone. You need to use the right strain that will suit you as an individual and your weight loss goals. Add healthy lifestyle habits such as eating right, better workout routine, and exercise consistency in any activities you partake. Besides, each strain has additional benefits that help solve other weight loss challenges, such as recovery after intense workouts. Get the right strain, and you will lose weight within a short period.

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